Want to purchase the Healing Project CD?

Are you sick, hurting or know someone who needs help?


The Healing Project is an ongoing movement to resource the Healing is Right ministry. We do this with music, recordings, teachings and more. "Miracles" is the second album we have recorded for this project. After much prayer, investment of time & money, tears & praise, we couldn't be happier to get it in your hands. These songs are dedicated to help you become well & whole. 

We are fighting with you and for you. 

God wants to heal His people, and we want to partner our faith with yours to see it come to your city, to your hospitals, to your church, to your family, your home & even to your very body. Everyone knows someone sick, so PLEASE help us, help them. 



Download a free resource ... 7 Daily Declarations of God's Healing.

We hope this tool helps build your faith as you speak the Word of God over yourself and others. You will find two versions for your use: One to keep on your computer and mobile devices to view on the go, and the other specifically for print. Feel free to share this with others that may need it, as well. We believe in the power of our words!


These are only a few of the testimonies we have heard back from people that have been helped by this project. Others are using it as a resource to pray for others. Thank you, Jesus! And we expect to hear more & more as people believe and step out in their faith.

"I had crippling depression. It felt like someone was gripping my throat closed. A friend called and prayed truth into me. The grip left and I could breath again! And it never came back."

"Our best friend had two forms of cancer. We prayed for her and gave her the Healing is Right CD. Her hope came back! She just told us she is now miraculously cancer free!!"

"I had to step out of my comfort zone. A friend had severe back pain. Without thinking, I showed her the Healing is Right app & prayed with her. She walked away Pain Free!"

"I was diagnosed with Stage 3-4 Melanoma. Fear was not going to overtake me. Healing is Right and I joined together in praying for a miracle. Tests came back negative… I’m cancer free."

"I had Parkinson’s Disease and was taking over 15 medications a day. I listened to healing music everyday. The doctor said no more signs of the disease."

"My daughter gave birth 32 weeks premature. We played the Healing is Right appand music every single night focusing on the baby. We got our miracle. She came home after only ten days."